Power Writing for Paragraphs

1 Main Idea
2 Supporting Idea
3 Elaborating Details
3 Elaborating Details
2 Supporting Idea
3 Elaborating Details
3 Elaborating Details
Closing Sentence

Use several Transition Words.
Remember periods, capital letters, and commas.
Use *Terminal Words in the Closing.

Often a writer will begin a Power (2) - Supporting Idea sentence with a Transition Word.

Power (2) Transition Words
one is first moreover
another is second furthermore
the other is third above all
also besides  in addition to
 next then to begin with

Power (3) Transition Words
 specifically for example to explain
for instance in other words to describe
restated translated actually
by the way for instance however
in the first place meanwhile on the other hand
yet afterward for example
furthermore in the meantime never the less
similarly consequently otherwise
as a matter of fact better yet  

One may use any of the other Power (2) Transition Words in a Power (3) sentence.

*Terminal Words
 in conclusion to sum up in summary
to conclude as a result for these reasons
as one can see in short I conclude that
finally A transition word is usually followed by a comma.

Example of Paragraph

Indent --->I am Susie and I have a very busy family. First, there is my mother. She is a kindergarten teacher at Bonny Kate School. Then, there is my father. He works for the United States Post Office. He is a mailman. Lastly, there is me. I am a sixth grade student at South Doyle Middle School. Everyone in my family is always very busy working or going to school.

(1) Main Idea Sentence
The main idea sentence is a general sentence that introduces the main idea (most important) of the paragraph.

(2) Supporting Detail Sentences
Next add two or three supporting detail sentences which explain, prove or support the main idea sentence.

(3) Elaborating Detail Sentences
After each supporting detail sentence, add elaborating detail sentences. These should give examples and details of the supporting details.

Remember this helpful hint:




Sensory Images


Read the main idea sentence. Write a paragraph. Be sure to add at least two supporting detail sentences and two elaborating detail sentences. Finally add the closing sentence. In your closing sentence, retell the main idea. Feel free to change the word "baseball" to your favorite activity.

(1) Main Idea Sentence: Baseball is an exciting game to play!

(2) Supporting Detail Sentence

(3) Elaborating Details

(3) Elaborating Details

(2) Supporting Detail Sentence

(3) Elaborating Details

(3) Elaborating Details

Closing Sentence: Now you can see why I love baseball.

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